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Entrepreneurs, join me in Morocco #AdamStart

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We cordially invite you to an informative, educational and exciting night hosted by Adam Bradford and MCISE, Moroccan Centre for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship.

Adam Bradford, 25, is a social entrepreneur from London, United Kingdom. He set up his first business aged 14 and runs Jianzocorp, a social development agency. He has worked with organisations such as Google UK and the Commonwealth on their campaigns and mentors young people across the globe. Last year, he received an award from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for his work in social entrepreneurship. He is currently on a world tour with his business partner Jordan Anthony Swain, as part of their joint venture Bradford Swain.

On Friday 15th September, we will celebrate the success of Walid Ijassi from Rabat. Walid’s social enterprise, POMM’it turns apple waste into apple cider vinegar and cosmetic products. He has just returned from a business trip to Shanghai where he learned about entrepreneurship. Walid won the #AdamStart Entrepreneurship Challenge, a global competition for budding entrepreneurs organised by Adam. Walid has won a £1,000 business grant, business mentoring and marketing support. We would like to formally celebrate Walid’s success as well as provide an interesting workshop about how to start up and sustain a social venture. Meet other entrepreneurs, learn new skills and celebrate Moroccan entrepreneurship.


For more information please contact We look forward to seeing you! 


Gambling crackdown: 888 fine sends the right message

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Today, I almost fell off my chair to note that the Chief Executive of the usually media-shy Gambling Commission said that there is no room for vulnerable people to be affected by gambling-related problems.

That said, companies like 888 are not unique. Look at the stories of thousands of people who have become addicted to gambling and had their lives ruined because of it. Debt, losing friends, family, jobs, some even taking to crime and some even worse, taking their own lives.

My dad used 888, they sent him expensive marketing texts, even after he’d gone to prison and stopped using the site.

With the Government set to review Fixed Odds Betting Terminals in October, the online industry will be the next to come under scrutiny. Let this record-breaking fine be a lesson to the industry that there is nowhere to hide. My family’s story shows that gambling addiction has serious repercussions for more people than just the addict themselves, and that the industry has a long way to go to become more socially responsible.

CONTACT: tel: 07950 313113, e-mail:

Adam Bradford Presents Entrepreneur Island Nights

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Adam Bradford Presents Entrepreneur Island Nights- Social Entrepreneur Mahiki

I’m excited to be hosting an event at Mahiki in Mayfair, London this coming Monday.

‘Entrepreneur Island Nights’, is an exclusive London mixer for entrepreneurs and change makers.

Guests will enjoy networking with high profile, high impact entrepreneurs from across the country at one of London’s most exclusive venues, Mahiki Island Bar & Nightclub.

Please join us and share in the excitement as we reveal the launch of our latest brand.

This is an exclusive, invite-only event and guests must RSVP and be confirmed on the guest list in order to attend. Strictly over 18’s. Please bring photo ID.

To RSVP click here.

For press information, contact

Adam Bradford Presents Entrepreneur Island Nights- Social Entrepreneur Mahiki
An exclusive networking event for young entrepreneurs, social change makers in London.

ELECTION COMMENT: From my generation – do not let us down

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Media Contact: Adam Bradford, tel 24/7: 07950 313113, e-mail: 

Social entrepreneur and Queen’s Young Leader Adam Bradford has this morning penned a public letter to the leaders of the Conservative and Labour parties, calling for unity and proper representation in any negotiations.

He said: “I could not be more proud today of young people for coming out and voting. I am however horrified at Theresa May’s decision to not even tell us the detail of the DUP arrangement and what this means for our society. A slow, steady leadership does not win the race and this outcome has left me and my peers confused and uncertain about our futures – the only thing we can be certain of is a cold, harsh Brexit. Our young people’s futures depend on stable, forward-thinking political action right now. Government, I urge you, this is your chance to prove that our votes mattered and that our democracy is worth having. We are now a nation undecided, perhaps even divided.”


Dear Rt Hon Prime Minister Theresa May,


I could not be more proud this today. 72% of young people got out there and voted in last night’s General Election.


However this proudness is juxtaposed with feelings of worry. I am concerned that a hung Parliament may turn into chaos and Britain may not get a good deal.


Many youth voters chose Labour over Conservative, chose a politics of idealism and of hope rather than a politics rather stuck in the status quo.


In your negotiations, do not forget your constituents. Do not forget those of us who voted for you, whether we chose Conservative or Labour. We need you to represent us and make this country strong, stable, secure and prosperous.


This vote shows one thing, party politics now has no overall rule. We are a nation undecided, perhaps divided. We need your leadership now more than ever and do not let us down. Make us all proud to have used our vote this year.


Adam Bradford

Queen’s Young Leader

Social Entrepreneur

STATEMENT: Moving onto pastures new

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Adam Bradford Placeholder

This month I moved on from my role working with Youth Business International (YBI.) YBI is a global non-profit which works to advance youth entrepreneurship across the globe.

I have also resigned from my position as a member of the Queen’s Young Leaders Legacy Panel.

As you will know, youth enterprise is a cause I am hugely passionate about and I will be continuing projects to support young entrepreneurs through my own business.

In the next few weeks my business will launch its rebranded self, focusing on advancing social change through innovative campaigns and programmes across the globe. I will be attending the EU Development Days in Brussels this June and represent youth-led global development at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance in Berlin.

I would like to thank Youth Business International and their global teams for the opportunities and support they provided.

We all have to choose a time to gracefully make our way to the next chapter of our lives where we feel our impact is most needed.

At this time, me and my team in London ask for respect and understanding of this decision and look forward to working with you on my next projects.

Adam Bradford, Managing Director, Adam Bradford Private Consulting

All enquiries to

Register of interests:

  • Business (includes shareholdings): Managing Director, Adam Bradford Private Consulting Ltd, Co-Founder and Director, Bradford Swain Ltd
  • Media Commentator: Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Independent, Yorkshire Post, The Sheffield Star, City AM
  • Other: One Young World Ambassador, ONE Campaign Ambassador, Peter Jones Foundation Ambassador, Virgin StartUp Business Mentor

Where’s Our Manifesto? General Election 2017

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A few days ago I got an itch. I was watching the General Election coverage on TV and something didn’t sit right with me.

The coverage just didn’t resonate with me. I was hearing all of these words, all this spin, all this rhetoric from politicians across the country – but none of it meant anything to me.

I kept hearing ‘Brexit,’ ‘a good deal for Britain,’ ‘protecting our borders’ and ‘economic prosperity.’

It doesn’t take a genius to know that every politician is going to sell the best version of themselves, this is a General Election campaign. I asked myself the question – what are these politicians doing to represent me? Do they know what my general thinks?

I have come to conclusion that no, they really don’t. My local MP sent me a two-sided flyer last week asking me to vote for them. I have read said leaflet umpteen times and still can’t find a reason to vote.

Theresa May is, to me, a credible leader with strength of character. Right now I feel that she is a safe pair of hands – but hand on heart, I can’t tell you how she represents me. She just feels like a safe option. Jeremy Corbyn says some interesting things, but I’m not sure how capable of a leader he is. I’m struggling to pinpoint policy which will positively affect my life. In fact, I haven’t had one consultation or conversation with a politician or even seen any open invitations to debate or discuss anything with any.

Where is our manifesto? I’m asking the question because I want to see the next generation fairly represented not just by their votes but by having their voices listened to – that’s also a step above having their voices heard. Hearing is one thing, listening is another.

Will our political parties reach out and show the country that they’re not just going to fix the here and now, they are going to make the next generation like me proud to be British and confident about our futures?

I want a sustainable career, I want 21st century skills, I want access to opportunity and I want to make this country a better place. Will our Government support me to do that?

Share your views with me @entre_adam on Twitter or via e-mail:


Bradford Swain Foundation launches in Los Angeles

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Jordan Swain & Adam Bradford

26-year-old media entrepreneur Jordan Anthony Swain from Los Angeles has partnered with 24-year-old Queen’s Young Leader and social entrepreneur Adam Bradford, sending a strong message in times of economic and political uncertainty

The pair, who met over a year ago on Instagram, hosted a star-studded launch of their new foundation in Los Angeles.

Bradford Swain Foundation is a 21st century not-for-profit organisation that empowers entrepreneurs, creative activists and social leaders towards creating a change in their communities. Bradford Swain Foundation is devoted to the task of globally redefining the notion of mainstream multi-ethnic, multicultural and multiracial diversity. The foundation will conduct projects with young people to help them realise their career potential and make a difference in the world. The pair are already planning pan-global events connecting US and UK based young people, a global entrepreneurship summit and initiatives in the Caribbean and Asia.

Adam commented: “I am pleased to be using my entrepreneurial spirit to build a better future and bring international investment and business opportunities to the city of London and Los Angeles and create links with the US in this way. Our programmes and initiatives through this new venture will show the world that young people have a credible voice in issues which matter to them. With the general election fast approaching, this is a bold statement which our government particularly need to hear. Young people can overcome the economic and political uncertainties thrust upon them by a broken society.”

Jordan commented: “Bradford Swain Foundation is rooted in empowerment. It’s about reaching the little boy in Africa, the little girl in Asia, the social activists in South America and the start-ups in Europe. We want to inspire global minds towards massive global social change.”

The foundation will host an online repository of articles, stories, podcasts and run events across the globe featuring young people who are breaking the mould and creating a future for themselves. In this uncertain employment climate, entrepreneurial and social activism are two important anchors in this entrepreneurial duo’s journeys.

Adam Bradford is a young social entrepreneur and one of just three UK winners of the prestigious Queen’s Young Leader Awards, a Commonwealth wide initiative. Adam was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism, at the age of 11. He was determined to set up his own business and gained a place at the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy. He launched an IT social enterprise and set up a mentoring and business challenge in his home town of Sheffield. He has since supported more than 1,000 young people to set up community projects, social enterprises and campaigns for social good. Adam also works to raise awareness of autism and gambling addiction and has worked with young ex-offenders to turn their lives around.

Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts to Bahamian-Haitan-Cubano mother and a Black-American father of Southern and Native American roots, Jordan Anthony Swain is a serial entrepreneur, menswear influencer, philanthropist and investor.When he is not in front of the camera, he is either directly behind it as a photographer, or creative directing.

He is the Founder of Parajin Media, an independent media corporation based in Los Angeles, California.

Jordan’s acumen includes modelling, fashion styling, visual art, creative direction, producing, and editorial oversight. He is CEO and Co-Founder of Parajin Media Corp, parent company of its cornerstone brand, Vanichi Magazine of which he serves as Global Creative Director. His work has been published in Italian Vogue, Vogue, GQ India, Vogue Taiwan, Esquire, Popsugar, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post to name a few.

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Louise Weston
Public Affairs
FPA Global
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Raising awareness of autism: Anna Kennedy Online

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I am delighted to announce that tonight I have been invited to autism awareness campaigner Anna Kennedy OBE’s charity album launch. The album is called ‘Building Bridges’ and has been released today.

Back in 2015, Anna Kennedy OBE approached Aaron Yorke a Singer Songwriter from Birmingham UK with the idea to write, record and produce a CD of artists all with a diagnosis of autism. This resulted in 12 months of hard work and dedication, producing a collection of 9 original songs all performed and written by people on the autism spectrum called ‘Building Bridges’. From a small idea we have created something amazing and something we are so proud of!

Anna Kennedy OBE works tirelessly to raise awareness of autism and to show people how much talent is out there! With her successful Autism Got Talent, Anna wanted to extend this to work with original composer Aaron Yorke, who was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome as an adult. They both searched the UK for 8 artists with autism who would be interested in recording and performing on the album. Building Bridges is the result and we cannot wait to share these songs with the World!

The album is being launched on Monday 20th February 2017 from 6.30pm, show starting at 7.30pm at the famous Hard Rock Cafe in London. The album will be performed with singers from the CD singing live.

I am so proud of the work Anna is doing to raise awareness of autism and bring autism understanding to the masses. It is a great honour, as an autistic young person myself, to be able to support other autistic young people and the fantastic initiative which Anna is launching tonight. With a little understanding and patience, we can forge a path to autism awareness together.

Find out more at

Congratulations to the #AdamStart 2016 winner!

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The #AdamStart Entrepreneurship Challenge is an annual business competition run by 24-year-old autistic entrepreneur and Queen’s Young Leader Adam Bradford, it has also been praised by the Secretary of State for Business and Energy Greg Clark MP

Today, is unveiled the winner of my annual enterprise challenge which rewards young people with promising business ideas which change the world.

The competition, which originally launched in 2013, has supported young entrepreneurs to get started in business through a mixture of a start-up grant, mentoring and networking opportunities.

This year’s winner is 19-year-old Walid Ijassi from Morocco whose business turns waste apples into consumer products, employing young women in the process. This year was the first time the competition opened its doors to entries from across the globe and almost 30 countries were represented in the competition’s applications.

UK Secretary of State for Business and Energy Greg Clark has praised the initiative and released a statement which reads: “Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and Adam Bradford’s new initiative, the Adam Start Entrepreneurship Challenge, is an inspiring competition to support aspiring young entrepreneurs looking to get their start-up ideas off the ground.

“This government believes that wherever you live and whatever your age, everyone deserves the chance to turn a great business idea into a reality and Adam’s work to encourage young, creative entrepreneurs exemplifies this spirit.”

I started my own business aged 14 with the support of the BiG Challenge enterprise competition and have since gone on to undertake a number of roles in business and championing social causes such as autism awareness and extreme poverty. I received an award from Her Majesty the Queen earlier this year in recognition of my work. I am also an ambassador for Dragon’s Den star Peter Jones’ enterprise academies.

Upon being told the news of his win, Walid said: “It’s such an amazing opportunity that the #AdamStart Challenge has given me as a young Moroccan entrepreneur at an international level. Having received the call from the team telling me that out of more than 300 candidates I have been chosen as the winner of the challenge was just surreal and made me more confident and galvanized to take my start-up, with the help of the Challenge Team, to a global and more structured level.”


I commented: “I am so proud to be able to give my own money and expertise to the next generation in order to help them achieve their business ambitions. In light of the global youth unemployment crisis, we need more innovative entrepreneurs to tackle social problems and create an income for themselves. Walid is an exceptional young person and I am delighted to give him my backing. I can’t wait to see what he achieves next year.”

Highly commended runner up, Arinze Obiezue who lives in Mauritius, impressed the judges with his idea for a youth-led media business the Ingress Media Group. He will receive mentorship support to help grow his business. He commented: “I am very humbled to be selected as the Highly Commended Runner Up for the 2016 #AdamStart Entrepreneurship Challenge. However, I do not see this as a singular achievement. Rather, it is one which goes to the team of brilliant minds who work with me to develop Ingress Media Group to what it is now and what it is yet to become. Without them, I would not be receiving this recognition. This recognition also goes on to prove that we are never too young to achieve great things. This is the beginning of something great and I am grateful to Adam who is a quintessence of who I would like to become.”



It’s about how we feel inside – young people’s mental health matters

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The Mental Health Foundation says mental health problems affect 1 in 10 young people. It is no surprise – we live in a faster, more chaotic, pressure-driven world than any of our predecessors.

Alarmingly too, the foundation points out that 70% of young people who experience distressing symptoms have not had the appropriate intervention to support them.

Why am I talking about this? Two years ago, for the first time in my life, I felt like I was dying. After the trauma of my father’s gambling addiction being exposed across the national news and the pressure which came with holding up the family through a devastating financial and emotional time, I thought about everyone else except myself.

We always try and paint a happy image on social media – to show the good side of our work. The truth is, success rarely ever takes place without some form of struggle or challenge getting in the way. Our strength comes from how we deal with these challenges and say no to them when they try to knock us down.

Don’t get me wrong, I could have a life-threatening illness or have been in a car accident, these are horrific life-changing events. Mental health can also be life-changing and life-threatening if we don’t start having a proper conversation about it now.

Through conversations with my doctor, in 2014 I realised I had depression. My thoughts were negative, I had tried to keep going and ignoring my body’s signals which told me to slow down and take stock. Actually, I didn’t even realise that I was mentally ill. I sought comfort from my friends and family but within myself still couldn’t feel ‘right.’

I cried, I was stressed, I was even taking anti-depressants.

In the run up to Christmas this year, I realise I have had a hectic year. I met the Queen, I’ve travelled the world and I’m still working. But my mental health matters. And so does yours.

Please be careful. Be grateful for the little things today and let’s speak openly, without fear and without judgement about our mental health. It’s about how we feel inside, not just how we look on the outside.

Talk to me on Twitter and join in my conversation about young people’s mental health – #IFeelGreatBecause…

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