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Global consultancy at a fraction of the cost – join today

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The meaning of the word Chinese word Jianzhu is ‘architect’ or ‘to build.’ Club Jianzo is a place for changemakers – people who are making a difference and want to take their work new heights.
Taking lessons from my ten years in business as a millennial entrepreneur and my deep expertise in the development sector, I have created Club Jianzo to provide dedicated support and a platform for organisations, entrepreneurs, activists and individuals who want to make a difference. From working with Royal charities through to designing international campaigns with the likes of Google and the University of Australia, Club Jianzo delivers world-class expertise to you whether you are just starting your journey to creating social change or whether you are seasoned and looking for high-impact publicity campaigns, press support and business development support.
I am building an highly curated network of people around the world making a difference who need targeted support to make it to the next level. Together we will share our knowledge, open new routes to collaboration and make systemic changes.


Get coaching on how to develop your venture, find strategic partners, gain corporate partners and sponsorship, use the media to your advantage, gain impactful publicity and measure your impact.


My consultancy sits at the intersection of social enterprise, media and campaigns and international development. My belief is that by having a perfect mix of high impact media, expert strategy and entrepreneurial tools, you can make a difference and make money. Club Jianzo delivers the benefits of this approach which has helped organisations raise millions of pounds, support thousands through their work and reach international media while shaping policy for a fraction of the price. Membership starts at £49/year for individuals looking to make a social change.

Sign up below to become a founding member of Club Jianzo before 22nd January to receive 50% off your membership cost! We will only be accepting a limited number of participants in the network to ensure maximum value.

STATEMENT: Gambling firms face money laundering crackdown

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6th January 2018, Media Contact for interview: Adam Bradford, tel: +44 7950 313113, e-mail: – for press enquiries, click here

Today, the Gambling Commission announced that five online gambling firms may have their licences revoked due to their inadequacies in protecting vulnerable people and for issues connected with money laundering.

Adam Bradford, 25, from Sheffield, is a gambling regulation campaigner. His story follows the jailing of his father David, 61, who stole £50,000 from his employers to fund his gambling addiction and was locked up for 2 years in 2014. His father hid his secret from the family, with them only finding out about the court case the night before his sentencing. The family only found out that David had been stealing money through newspaper reports after he was jailed. Adam’s campaign has received the support of the Conservative party and Labour MP Tom Watson.

Adam said today: “It’s about time the Gambling Commission realised the errors these companies have been trying to masquerade their way out of. For over three years now we have been alerting the industry to the fact that software is available to track risky spending and corroborate with banking institutions over gambling spend. They ignored us, but now their malpractice is being called out. I hope this measure is not simply a threat and if companies do lose their licences for breaches of the Code, then it is a step in the right direction. I support a sustainable and responsible gambling industry which does everything in its power to protect the vulnerable and prevent gambling addiction.”

Adam is available for interview and comment today.

Mariam Adil named #AdamStart Entrepreneurship Challenge 2017 winner

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Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 2.00.43 PM

Young entrepreneur Mariam Adil has won top prize in the 2017 #AdamStart Entrepreneurship Challenge

The competition, which this year received thousands of entries from over 50 countries, sees entrepreneurs with social enterprise ideas compete for a cash prize, mentoring and international publicity support.

Mariam is the founder of the Gaming Revolution for International/Inspiring Development (GRID), a game development startup that develops and implements low-cost digital games to inspire meaningful behavior change around social issues.

Mariam has broken a number of moulds in order to achieve her success including establishing a start-up in a male-dominated video gaming industry,  earning two Masters degrees and juggling a full-time job and a start-up.

By day she works at World Bank as an Education Specialist where she has worked for the past 7 years. Under GRID shehas built a number of impressive partnerships to help grow her business, including with UNICEF Pakistan,George Mason University, NRG Advisory, Ford Foundation and FLOC DC.

Since 2013 the company has launched several exciting games including MoHiM that breaks the stigma around menstrual health, StereoWiped that aims at engaging youth in breaking racial, gender and professional stereotypes and encouraging social diversity, Randomania that builds the capacity of development professionals to conduct Randomized Control Trials and Gumbers that makes math learning fun for students in The Gambia.The GRID team is currently working on games to raise awareness about endometriosis, climate change and financial literacy.

Mariam takes home a £1,000 cash injection into her business and mentoring from social entrepreneur and Guardian columnist Adam Bradford, who is one of Her Majesty the Queen’s Young Leaders from London, United Kingdom.

The competition has been running since 2013 and Mariam beat off stiff competition to take home the top prize.

On winning the competition, Mariam commented:”This is super exciting! The AdamStart Entrepreneurship Challenge is the perfect launching pad GRID needs to turn 2018 into a year of scalable growth. I am particularly excited about having Adam as a mentor and leveraging his passion, persistence and sense of purpose to make 2018 a game-changing year!”

Organiser Adam Bradford said: “We were all blown away by Mariam’s commitment to development and her tech solution which makes tackling issues both scalable, digestable to the public and very exciting. She is going to create huge waves in the international development scene and we are so excited to be supporting her through 2018.”

A panel of twelve judges from across the world gathered this week to select the winner including business leaders, young entrepreneurs and funding professionals.

The initiative has been supported by UK Secretary of State for Business Greg Clark MP, who said: “Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and Adam Bradford’s initiative, the Adam Start Entrepreneurship Challenge, is an inspiring competition to support aspiring young entrepreneurs looking to get their start-up ideas off the ground.

“This government believes that wherever you live and whatever your age, everyone deserves the chance to turn a great business idea into a reality and Adam’s work to encourage young, creative entrepreneurs exemplifies this spirit.”

Young entrepreneur Mahmoud Al Hammouri impressed judges amongst thousands of entries in the #AdamStart Entrepreneurship Challenge

The competition, which this year received thousands of entries from over 50 countries, sees entrepreneurs with social enterprise ideas compete for a cash prize, mentoring and international publicity support.

Mahmoud is the founder of Gattaa, a mentoring and tutoring service based out of Amman.

The business brings personalized learning to higher education.Through a peer-to-peer, in-person tutoring platform, it connects struggling students with bright students from the same college to help them master their materials.

The problem Mahmoud identified is that students can’t find bright tutors in college that can genuinely understand their struggle and provide step-by-step assistance.

Mahmoud has ambitious plans to scale his social impact business throughout the country in the next year.

The #AdamStart competition has been running since 2013 and Mahmoud beat off stiff competition to be crowned second place. He will take home a year of personalised mentoring and business development support alongside publicity for his business from Adam Bradford, a young social entrepreneur and one of Her Majesty the Queen’s Young Leaders from London, United Kingdom.

On his win, Mahmoud commented: “We’re very pleased today to be amongst the very few selected as “AdamStart” winners and fellows, we’re particularly very excited for the mentorship opportunity, as it is a very crucial and significant factor that leads startup’s success.”


Organiser Adam Bradford said: “I am so impressed at Mahmoud’s commitment and drive and his ability to have turned a social problem into a solution and a thriving business. He genuinely cares about the development of young people and I am delighted that he has won second place in the competition. I’m looking forward to working with him.”

Meet the #AdamStart 2017 judges!

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After a hectic time assessing the near 8,000 applications we received for the #AdamStart Entrepreneurship Challenge 2017, it was time to call in the experts to help me decide upon this year’s winner.

I am delighted to have had the generous support of some of the world’s greatest young minds and social entrepreneurs along this journey, thank you very much to all of you for stepping up to support the next generation of young entrepreneurs.

Please say hello to this talented group of people who joined me to judge this year’s finalists and follow their journeys online…

Peris Nyaboe, co-founder of FarmDrive & Queen’s Young Leader – Kenya

Peris is an unstoppable young lady revolutionising agri-farming in Kenya and beyond. Her business FarmDrive provides technology solutions to farmers in the region. She was awarded the Queen’s Young Leader award by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in 2016.


Ajani Lebourne, student governance advocate & Queen’s Young Leader – Saint Lucia

Ajani is making history for his island of Saint Lucia. He received Queen’s Young Leader award in 2017 from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth in recognition of his work to empower students and to ensure that their interests are represented at a local and national level.


Kelly Lovell, social entrepreneur & Queen’s Young Leader – Canada

Kelly is a powerhouse, founder of MyEffect, CEO of Lovell Corp, youth mobiliser and inspirational speaker – Kelly words extremely hard to ensure young people are recognised as agents of change and that they are inspired to do more. She has won numerous awards and regularly speaks in the media about her work.


Selasi Churchill, founder of StartupGhana – Ghana

Selasi is a passionate young entrepreneur who is focused on empowering people in Ghana to become entrepreneurs. He runs numerous small businesses including StickerGhana which produces promotional materials and runs activities and programs to support upcoming entrepreneurs through Startup Ghana.


Arinze Obiezue, ALU Student Ambassador & 2016 #AdamStart Runner-Up – Nigeria/Mauritius

Arinze is a passionate student leader who has run numerous student-led ventures at African Leadership University. He is a winner of the Diana Award for his student leadership efforts, the runner up of the 2016 #AdamStart Entrepreneurship Challenge and a passionate writer.


Hayley Smith, founder Boxed Out PR – United Kingdom

Hayley is an unstoppable entrepreneur. She runs her own boutique PR firm Boxed Out PR who we have had the pleasure of working with over the years. She also founded the FlowAid campaign which campaigns around period poverty and women’s menstrual health. She is also a TEDx speaker.


Jordan Anthony Swain, social entrepreneur – United States

Jordan is the President of Swain Brands Inc, a branding agency which focuses on propelling artists, creatives and entrepreneurs. He is a youth motivational speaker and passionate advocate for youth entrepreneurship.


Wilton Jeremie, Saint Lucia Youth Business Trust – Saint Lucia

Wilton is a strong believer in the power of young people to create social change and create their own businesses. He currently heads Saint Lucia Youth Business Trust and has previously worked with Junior Achievement and the Saint Lucia National Youth Council.


Marc Alain Boucicault, Banj – Haiti

Marc is co-founder and current Director of Support to Youth-led Initiatives at Groupe ECHO Haiti, incubating entrepreneurship projects in Haiti; co-founder and the Chief External Relations Officer at HFund, a closed-ended micro-venture capital firm for entrepreneurs in Haiti. He is also a One Young World ambassador.


My Ode to 2018

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Ten years ago I got my first taste of business and of ‘youth stardom.’ I hate that term, but I’ll have to use it just to help you to understand.

A microbusiness I started with my brothers and a friend won a regional enterprise competition and the beginning of a phase of my life I will call ‘The Lauded Phase’ started. Star-studded events, press coverage, local fame; in some ways it was a dream come true. But was it a sticking plaster over the many years of depression, bullying and rejection I had faced before?


I’ve always had an unsettled nature. Not so much in a negative sense, just I’m very impatient. I like to get things done and change things that I feel aren’t right. I took an alternative career path, ditched my University offers and took up a place at the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy where my full-time entrepreneurship career began. Again I’d like to think I made a success of myself, I held a high profile launch for my renewed ICT consultancy company and attracted celebrities, press and a whole bunch of business enquiries. I was flying high.

Adam Bradford PJEA

Not one to always wear the sensible hat, the business suffered a mini depression of its own and our dependency on one or two major clients caused the company to re-form. Our focus had begun to shift from pure technology consultancy into digital campaigning and work with young people. I had success with clients such as Google UK, the National Trust, various large charities and small businesses. We helped them raise awareness, raise money for their causes and shift dialogue to make meaningful social change like influencing policy and giving the unheard a voice.

Never did I think such work would command me to Buckingham Palace to pick up an award from Her Majesty the Queen last year. This was such an emotional moment, after the bullying and stigma I’d faced because of autism I felt like my life really had turned a corner. Needless to say, shortly after this time the attention was too much to bear. Come summer last year my depression re-emerged, I think a lot of it was a delayed aftermath from my dad’s sudden imprisonment in 2014 – due to crimes connected with his gambling addiction. I have campaigned hard on the issue to change the perception of gambling addiction and to make sure others don’t fall down the pitfalls that devastated our family. I became almost dependent on anti-depressant drugs and work and life became a chore.

Adam Bradford Queens Young Leader- social entrepreneur

I was back on my feet by the end of the year, having run a successful programme to support young entrepreneurs #AdamStart, and working with Youth Business International, a charity which supports young entrepreneurs globally.

2017 has been a fun rollercoaster too, I moved on from the charity and formed Bradford Swain, a social enterprise agency which backs social entrepreneurs, inspires young people and runs programmes to tackle humanitarian issues. Myself and my business partner have been touring the world with the business, having visited over 30 cities and dozens of countries since June of this year.

I’m taking the end of this year as a very personal reflection. I have realised that among this journey I have forgotten to look after myself; that age old cliche which stints so many entrepreneurs and changemakers. Mental health is important – cliche one. Put yourself first – cliche two. I could go on. I have let a lot of people down this year, I have been slow at responding, less social, a tad stuck in my own bubble. I am changing this. The sheer mammoth of my history and the space which I occupy whacked me in the face last year and I don’t feel as though I ever truly took time or effort to get to grips with it and harness it. Next year I will be better, I will be my best. I will do more business and support more young people and be real about the challenges in making that happen. I won’t hide under any rocks or close my eyes when the going gets tough. I’m sorry to everyone who has had to take the blunt end of my person this year, I will be better and I will resurface as the same Adam Bradford you still know.

In 2018 I will release my book – I’ll Never Fit In. I’ll be able to tell you all about my life so far, my thoughts, feelings, views on the world and my lessons learned in brand new ways. I’ll be in the media campaigning, making my voice heard and promoting the very best of what young social entrepreneurs have to offer.

It’s going to be an amazing year!

Government gambling review is toothless

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Treating-Gambling-Addiction7 (1)
31st October 2017
Media Contact: Adam Bradford, tel: 07950 313113, e-mail:
Gambling addiction campaigners Adam and David Bradford have today criticised the Government’s triennial review into gambling and social responsibility saying it ‘misses the mark on several key issues.’
Both Adam and David are available to speak to the media today and take interviews on the topic.
David Bradford, now 61, stole over £50,000 from his employers at the height of his gambling addiction and was jailed for two years in 2014. He secretly bankrupted the family by taking out bank loans, credit cards and payday loans and remortgaging the family home accruing over £500,000 of debt. The family only knew about David’s crimes when he was in the back of his van on the way to prison and his solicitor called.
Since the incident, Adam’s 25-year-old son and entrepreneur Adam Bradford started a campaign to call for stricter regulation on gambling advertising and tighter rules on spend limits. Their campaign handed in a petition to 10 Downing Street in 2015 and got the support of then Prime Minister David Cameron. The pair also set up a programme with the NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups to educate GPs and health professionals on the issue so they can better spot the signs.
A recent Gambling Commission report showed that the rate of gambling addiction has grown in the UK to over 2 million, with young people being most affected. Gambling adverts have risen 600% since 2005 when gambling was deregulated, according to Ofcom.
Adam stated: “Whilst we welcome a reduction in the stakes that can be bet on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, the Government has not been heavy handed enough. The only possible considerations the industry can be taking in response now is about the protection of their profits.
Aside from this, the report is too narrow in focus. A campaign run by the industry to highlight problem gambling is not enough to prevent those who are vulnerable to addiction from being captured by gambling related problems. We already know through research that gambling should be treated as a mental health problem yet there is little treatment available, GambleAware itself calling for mandatory levy on the industry to donate to charities and increase the support and care available to those suffering.
Online gambling has been tackled in a measly way by this report, being left with open to exploitation after FOBTs take a hit. The problem of gambling addiction will now simply move online, with 50% of all gambling now taking place online. The Government also believes the dramatic rise in advertising has little effect on problem gambling. They have arbritrarily assessed current risk rather than probability of future risk. Young people are being targeted by the industry’s sleasy tactics such as social media adverts and heavy sponsorship of sports games.
The report needs to consider measures to limit the amount spent on online gambling and place a ban on all gambling adverts before the watershed.”
— ENDS —
Notes to editors: 
“My dad went to prison and we were left with the £500k debt” –

A 600% increase in gambling ads? That’s crazy!

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Treating-Gambling-Addiction7 (1)

Gambling campaigner Adam Bradford responds to LGA calls to curb gambling advertising

AVAILABLE FOR COMMENT: Press Contact – Adam Bradford, tel: 07950 313113
My father David was sent to prison for fraud after stealing more than £50,000 to fund his gambling habit.
He re-mortgaged the family home and racked up debts of more than £500,000 to fund his addiction and associated financial problems. He kept his addiction secret from our family, with us only finding out about their father’s jail sentence when he had been sent to prison on the day of his court hearing. A hand-written letter from jail to the family uncovered his secret in full.
I started a campaign to restrict advertising on gambling, which has grown 600% since gambling regulation was relaxed in 2005 (Source: Ofcom.) I also visited Downing Street and worked with the NHS on the recognition of gambling as a mental health problem.
The Local Government Association are correct, gambling is hugely destructive. The knock-on effect gambling addiction has on society is understated and advertising has a huge part to play in enticing and retaining gamblers, especially problem gamblers. My dad was lured in by free bets, constant e-mails and texts from numerous companies and their affiliate marketers. Even when he was behind bars the companies continued. I saw his e-mail account receive 8000 gambling marketing e-mails when he was in prison and he received expensive marketing text messages from another company. Self-exclusion measures did not work, he was still able to gamble and set up new accounts and despite my attempts to get the companies to stop marketing to him, they did not easily budge, even knowing he had gone to prison due to crimes connected with his gambling. Gambling is Britain’s hidden epidemic.
By Josie Clarke, Press Association Consumer Affairs Correspondent
Gambling advertising needs tighter restrictions to cut the risk of harm to vulnerable young people, councils say.
The Local Government Association (LGA) has called on the Government to consider curbing the “huge rise” in betting adverts to prevent children from developing possible gambling problems as they grow older.
Industry figures suggest that almost one in 10 children aged between 11 and 15 are now following gambling companies on social media, while the second highest rates of problem gambling are in the 16 to 24-year-old age group.
The LGA said it was concerned that the volume of gambling advertising, including ‘live bet’ TV adverts during
matches, was undermining the Government’s objective of socially responsible growth in the sector.
As well as calling for government to look at tighter restrictions on advertising, the LGA is urging maximum stakes on fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs) be reduced from #100 to #2 in line with other gaming machines allowed elsewhere on high streets.
And it wants cumulative impact tests to be introduced to enable councils to reject applications for new betting shops where there are already existing clusters when government announces its review of gaming machines and social responsibility measures.
Simon Blackburn, chairman of the LGA’s safer and stronger communities board, said: “Gambling advertising on television has rocketed since the Gambling Act came into force in 2007, which is a major concern for councils who are aware of the personal harm that problem gambling can cause.
“While the Gambling Act was intended to position gambling as an acceptable leisure activity, we are concerned that the volume of gambling advertising goes beyond what can be deemed the right balance between socially responsible growth and protecting individuals and communities.”
He added: “Councils are not anti-bookies but a new cumulative impact test would give them the power to veto new betting shops – and FOBTs – in places where there are already existing clusters.
“Problem gambling can lead to spiralling debt, deteriorating mental health and wellbeing, and a toll on society – and taxpayers – through crime and disorder, family breakdown and homelessness. It’s vital that improved social responsibility measures are implemented to help to reduce this.”

Entrepreneurs, join me in Morocco #AdamStart

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We cordially invite you to an informative, educational and exciting night hosted by Adam Bradford and MCISE, Moroccan Centre for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship.

Adam Bradford, 25, is a social entrepreneur from London, United Kingdom. He set up his first business aged 14 and runs Jianzocorp, a social development agency. He has worked with organisations such as Google UK and the Commonwealth on their campaigns and mentors young people across the globe. Last year, he received an award from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for his work in social entrepreneurship. He is currently on a world tour with his business partner Jordan Anthony Swain, as part of their joint venture Bradford Swain.

On Friday 15th September, we will celebrate the success of Walid Ijassi from Rabat. Walid’s social enterprise, POMM’it turns apple waste into apple cider vinegar and cosmetic products. He has just returned from a business trip to Shanghai where he learned about entrepreneurship. Walid won the #AdamStart Entrepreneurship Challenge, a global competition for budding entrepreneurs organised by Adam. Walid has won a £1,000 business grant, business mentoring and marketing support. We would like to formally celebrate Walid’s success as well as provide an interesting workshop about how to start up and sustain a social venture. Meet other entrepreneurs, learn new skills and celebrate Moroccan entrepreneurship.


For more information please contact We look forward to seeing you! 


Gambling crackdown: 888 fine sends the right message

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Today, I almost fell off my chair to note that the Chief Executive of the usually media-shy Gambling Commission said that there is no room for vulnerable people to be affected by gambling-related problems.

That said, companies like 888 are not unique. Look at the stories of thousands of people who have become addicted to gambling and had their lives ruined because of it. Debt, losing friends, family, jobs, some even taking to crime and some even worse, taking their own lives.

My dad used 888, they sent him expensive marketing texts, even after he’d gone to prison and stopped using the site.

With the Government set to review Fixed Odds Betting Terminals in October, the online industry will be the next to come under scrutiny. Let this record-breaking fine be a lesson to the industry that there is nowhere to hide. My family’s story shows that gambling addiction has serious repercussions for more people than just the addict themselves, and that the industry has a long way to go to become more socially responsible.

CONTACT: tel: 07950 313113, e-mail:

Adam Bradford Presents Entrepreneur Island Nights

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Adam Bradford Presents Entrepreneur Island Nights- Social Entrepreneur Mahiki

I’m excited to be hosting an event at Mahiki in Mayfair, London this coming Monday.

‘Entrepreneur Island Nights’, is an exclusive London mixer for entrepreneurs and change makers.

Guests will enjoy networking with high profile, high impact entrepreneurs from across the country at one of London’s most exclusive venues, Mahiki Island Bar & Nightclub.

Please join us and share in the excitement as we reveal the launch of our latest brand.

This is an exclusive, invite-only event and guests must RSVP and be confirmed on the guest list in order to attend. Strictly over 18’s. Please bring photo ID.

To RSVP click here.

For press information, contact

Adam Bradford Presents Entrepreneur Island Nights- Social Entrepreneur Mahiki
An exclusive networking event for young entrepreneurs, social change makers in London.
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