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Bradford Swain Foundation launches in Los Angeles

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26-year-old media entrepreneur Jordan Anthony Swain from Los Angeles has partnered with 24-year-old Queen’s Young Leader and social entrepreneur Adam Bradford, sending a strong message in times of economic and political uncertainty

The pair, who met over a year ago on Instagram, hosted a star-studded launch of their new foundation in Los Angeles.

Bradford Swain Foundation is a 21st century not-for-profit organisation that empowers entrepreneurs, creative activists and social leaders towards creating a change in their communities. Bradford Swain Foundation is devoted to the task of globally redefining the notion of mainstream multi-ethnic, multicultural and multiracial diversity. The foundation will conduct projects with young people to help them realise their career potential and make a difference in the world. The pair are already planning pan-global events connecting US and UK based young people, a global entrepreneurship summit and initiatives in the Caribbean and Asia.

Adam commented: “I am pleased to be using my entrepreneurial spirit to build a better future and bring international investment and business opportunities to the city of London and Los Angeles and create links with the US in this way. Our programmes and initiatives through this new venture will show the world that young people have a credible voice in issues which matter to them. With the general election fast approaching, this is a bold statement which our government particularly need to hear. Young people can overcome the economic and political uncertainties thrust upon them by a broken society.”

Jordan commented: “Bradford Swain Foundation is rooted in empowerment. It’s about reaching the little boy in Africa, the little girl in Asia, the social activists in South America and the start-ups in Europe. We want to inspire global minds towards massive global social change.”

The foundation will host an online repository of articles, stories, podcasts and run events across the globe featuring young people who are breaking the mould and creating a future for themselves. In this uncertain employment climate, entrepreneurial and social activism are two important anchors in this entrepreneurial duo’s journeys.

Adam Bradford is a young social entrepreneur and one of just three UK winners of the prestigious Queen’s Young Leader Awards, a Commonwealth wide initiative. Adam was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism, at the age of 11. He was determined to set up his own business and gained a place at the Peter Jones Enterprise Academy. He launched an IT social enterprise and set up a mentoring and business challenge in his home town of Sheffield. He has since supported more than 1,000 young people to set up community projects, social enterprises and campaigns for social good. Adam also works to raise awareness of autism and gambling addiction and has worked with young ex-offenders to turn their lives around.

Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts to Bahamian-Haitan-Cubano mother and a Black-American father of Southern and Native American roots, Jordan Anthony Swain is a serial entrepreneur, menswear influencer, philanthropist and investor.When he is not in front of the camera, he is either directly behind it as a photographer, or creative directing.

He is the Founder of Parajin Media, an independent media corporation based in Los Angeles, California.

Jordan’s acumen includes modelling, fashion styling, visual art, creative direction, producing, and editorial oversight. He is CEO and Co-Founder of Parajin Media Corp, parent company of its cornerstone brand, Vanichi Magazine of which he serves as Global Creative Director. His work has been published in Italian Vogue, Vogue, GQ India, Vogue Taiwan, Esquire, Popsugar, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post to name a few.

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