ELECTION COMMENT: From my generation – do not let us down

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Social entrepreneur and Queen’s Young Leader Adam Bradford has this morning penned a public letter to the leaders of the Conservative and Labour parties, calling for unity and proper representation in any negotiations.

He said: “I could not be more proud today of young people for coming out and voting. I am however horrified at Theresa May’s decision to not even tell us the detail of the DUP arrangement and what this means for our society. A slow, steady leadership does not win the race and this outcome has left me and my peers confused and uncertain about our futures – the only thing we can be certain of is a cold, harsh Brexit. Our young people’s futures depend on stable, forward-thinking political action right now. Government, I urge you, this is your chance to prove that our votes mattered and that our democracy is worth having. We are now a nation undecided, perhaps even divided.”


Dear Rt Hon Prime Minister Theresa May,


I could not be more proud this today. 72% of young people got out there and voted in last night’s General Election.


However this proudness is juxtaposed with feelings of worry. I am concerned that a hung Parliament may turn into chaos and Britain may not get a good deal.


Many youth voters chose Labour over Conservative, chose a politics of idealism and of hope rather than a politics rather stuck in the status quo.


In your negotiations, do not forget your constituents. Do not forget those of us who voted for you, whether we chose Conservative or Labour. We need you to represent us and make this country strong, stable, secure and prosperous.


This vote shows one thing, party politics now has no overall rule. We are a nation undecided, perhaps divided. We need your leadership now more than ever and do not let us down. Make us all proud to have used our vote this year.


Adam Bradford

Queen’s Young Leader

Social Entrepreneur

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