STATEMENT: Gambling firms face money laundering crackdown

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6th January 2018, Media Contact for interview: Adam Bradford, tel: +44 7950 313113, e-mail: – for press enquiries, click here

Today, the Gambling Commission announced that five online gambling firms may have their licences revoked due to their inadequacies in protecting vulnerable people and for issues connected with money laundering.

Adam Bradford, 25, from Sheffield, is a gambling regulation campaigner. His story follows the jailing of his father David, 61, who stole £50,000 from his employers to fund his gambling addiction and was locked up for 2 years in 2014. His father hid his secret from the family, with them only finding out about the court case the night before his sentencing. The family only found out that David had been stealing money through newspaper reports after he was jailed. Adam’s campaign has received the support of the Conservative party and Labour MP Tom Watson.

Adam said today: “It’s about time the Gambling Commission realised the errors these companies have been trying to masquerade their way out of. For over three years now we have been alerting the industry to the fact that software is available to track risky spending and corroborate with banking institutions over gambling spend. They ignored us, but now their malpractice is being called out. I hope this measure is not simply a threat and if companies do lose their licences for breaches of the Code, then it is a step in the right direction. I support a sustainable and responsible gambling industry which does everything in its power to protect the vulnerable and prevent gambling addiction.”

Adam is available for interview and comment today.

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