Gambling crackdown: 888 fine sends the right message

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Today, I almost fell off my chair to note that the Chief Executive of the usually media-shy Gambling Commission said that there is no room for vulnerable people to be affected by gambling-related problems.

That said, companies like 888 are not unique. Look at the stories of thousands of people who have become addicted to gambling and had their lives ruined because of it. Debt, losing friends, family, jobs, some even taking to crime and some even worse, taking their own lives.

My dad used 888, they sent him expensive marketing texts, even after he’d gone to prison and stopped using the site.

With the Government set to review Fixed Odds Betting Terminals in October, the online industry will be the next to come under scrutiny. Let this record-breaking fine be a lesson to the industry that there is nowhere to hide. My family’s story shows that gambling addiction has serious repercussions for more people than just the addict themselves, and that the industry has a long way to go to become more socially responsible.

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